Tequila Los Azulejos SKELETO Añejo
Tequila Los Azulejos Añejo is 100% Agave, since it’s birth it is destined to become a work of art; it rests patiently for 18 months in premium oak until it achieves perfection. Golden yellow hue.  Yeasty and briny opening aroma, more time in the glass allows for pepper and pineapple tastes; mid-palate showcases luscious flavours of chocolate, orange and sugar cookies.  Aftertaste is sweet, sugary and long. This is without a doubt our masterpiece, the ultimate expression of smoothness and aroma.  This Tequila is best enjoyed sipper from a brandy snifter or in the specially designed Tequila glass made by Riedel. The Masterpiece Collection, being of Talavera with beautiful artwork on the bottle inspired by artwork from the late Pablo Picasso. Talavera is the oldest ceramic art form in America.  It is still being manufactured in the Puebla region of Mexico with the same techniques used in the 16th century
Tequila Los Azulejos SKELETO Blanco
Tequila Los Azulejos Silver is 100% Agave and is bottled after a second distillation in order to keep it’s natural characteristics together with transparency and brightness. Clear as mineral water; no sediment. Opening bouquet is snappy fresh and smoky, kind of like smoldering embers; licorice and anise emerge with air contact. On the palate, the taste is fresh, lovely, appropriately zesty, peppery and vegetable with a hint of sugary sweetness at mid-palate. Aftertaste is long, laced with pepper and refreshing. Packaged in a beautiful 750ml bottle of hand-blown artisan glass that allows us to appreciate the color and vivacity of this delicious tequila.
Tequila Los Azulejos SKELETO Reposado
Tequila Los Azulejos Reposado is 100% Agave, aged in premium Oak barrels for six to eight months. Pale yellow straw color. Initial nosing passes are rife with dill and brine; aeration brings out the deeper scents of salt, green vegetation and agave. Palate entry is properly tart, acidic and lean; mid-palate features a strong, firmly structured texture and flavor of sweet oak and vanilla. Finishes long, sweet and vegetal. Our reposado tequila is aged just long enough to pick up some smoothness and notes from the oak, yet not long enough to lose the characteristic agave flavor of a great tequila. Packaged in a beautiful 750ml bottle of cobalt blue hand-blown artisan glass, which really allows the product to stand out from any other tequila on the shelf.